Contributor Recommends: Reading widely and the art of creative thinking

For February’s Contributor Recommends, we spoke to Jo Goddard, Sustainability Director at Green and Good Consulting.

As a consultant helping business develop sustainability strategy I need to be up to date on the latest thinking on our subject area and bring a degree of creativity to each strategy I write. 

 Both bring challenges. Corporate sustainability, citizenship, CSR...whatever you wish to call it, is a broad area and it’s constantly evolving, so there’s a lot to keep up to date on.  I’ve recently come across a blog which covers many of the topics we all need to know about and gives practitioner level advice and guidance. 

The Responsible Business Blog features articles from industry practitioners such as Daniel Quelch of Epson and Jane Smith of Queen Mary University, and deep dives on the many varied topics that make up responsible business from the gender pay gap to air pollution to homelessness.  I’ve found the variety of thought and topics really helpful when needing a quick go-to reliable resource. 

To help with my creativity I’ve relied on a small but impactful book I found in the Whitechapel Gallery bookshop a few years back. The Art of Creative Thinking by Rod Judkins is by no way sustainability related but instead it provides practical examples from business on what works well in influencing people…and more importantly what doesn’t.  I love the quotes too which have certainly helped get my creative juices flowing… 

 Whatever I know how to do, I’ve already done. Therefore, I must always do what I do not know how to do.  Eduardo Chilida 

 My favourite example which speaks to business disruption is: 

 A scuba diving company faces bankruptcy because sharks have infested the area. Solution? Open the world’s first extreme diving school. 

 Enjoy the read. 

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