Ambassador recommends: Andrew Bowring from the Fairtrade Foundation

Heart of the City | 19 July 2023 | News
Ambassador recommends: Andrew Bowring from the Fairtrade Foundation

We asked Andrew Bowring, partnership development manager at one of our newest ambassadors, The Fairtrade Foundation, to tell us about Fairtrade’s risk map and how it helps them.

“The Fairtrade Foundation has been at the forefront of developing ethical and sustainable business practices for over 25 years. With Fairtrade farmers and workers improve their lives and have a greater control over their future by promoting fairer prices, decent working conditions, and environmental sustainability.

Through its certification scheme, Fairtrade offers consumers a transparent and ethical supply chain when buying their favourite products. By sourcing Fairtrade products, businesses can demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and social responsibility for all of their stakeholders.

Fairtrade’s Human Rights & Environmental Due Diligence (HREDD) teams play a pivotal role in building the Risk Map, a comprehensive tool that identifies and assesses potential risks related to human rights violations, environmental degradation, and deforestation in supply chains.

With increasing pressure from legislators and consumers to conduct HREDD and report on it, we must address the issues in considered and effective ways: apart from being the right thing to do, there’s also no way around HREDD. So, how can companies and organisations move forward in their HREDD journeys?

By collaborating with local stakeholders, including producers, workers, and experts, the Fairtrade movement creates a holistic understanding of the challenges and risks faced by communities, identifying tailored solutions that address the specific needs and contexts of each community.

Fairtrade’s success lies in its commitment to democratic decision-making processes that incorporate the voices of producers and workers at every level. Fairtrade ensures that the standards and practices developed are relevant and effective at origin and throughout the process; working closely with producers fosters authentic accountability, laying the foundation for long-term, sustainable, and ethical trade.

Fairtrade’s experience and expertise in ethical and sustainable supply chains spans over two decades and has provided unique opportunities to navigate the complexities of responsible sourcing, human rights, and environmental sustainability in global supply chains. Check out the Fairtrade website where you can learn about our flexible sourcing models, programmes and read about the lasting impact of Fairtrade.”

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