Climate Action Toolkit

We’ve created this toolkit, bespoke for SMEs, to make taking action against the climate crisis accessible and achievable. In four steps we’ll set you off on your journey to reaching net zero. We’ve numbered the resources in each module so you can follow it. But you can also jump in at any module if you’ve already mastered some subjects!  The toolkit covers these four modules:

Module 1: Jargon busting and demystification

You’ll find resources to help with jargon busting and demystification of the terms used around climate action.

Module 2: Building the business case

These resources will help you with building the business case for climate action.

Module 3: Measuring your carbon footprint

This is all about how to measure your carbon footprint so you can see how you need to progress.

Module 4: Net zero action plan and next steps

You’ll learn how to set an action plan and targets for reaching net zero with these resources.

If your business is based or operates in the City of London, you can apply for a place on our free climate action course! Climate for SMEs: 4 steps to action will get you started on your net zero journey and you can apply now.

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