Climate for SMEs: 4 Steps to Action


SMEs taking climate action together


The climate crisis can be daunting for SMEs who don’t have big teams and budgets to set net zero targets and work out how to get there. We know that from working with SMEs on responsible business for the past 20 years. And we also know SMEs can have a great impact, no matter how small their teams are!

That’s why we’ve created a free course, bespoke for SMEs with a significant proportion of operations in the Square Mile, to make taking action against the climate crisis accessible and achievable. In four modules, you’ll create a net zero action plan to help you halve your greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 and reach net zero by 2040.

We have free places available on this course if you’re an SME, social enterprise, livery company or charity based in, or with more than 50% of your operations in the Square Mile, or you’re an SME supplier or tenant of the City of London Corporation.

We also provide net zero training for SMEs based elsewhere, or for SMEs working in corporate supply chains. Please get in touch with Sophie Medd, our Head of External Engagement and Business Development, to find out more.

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Why complete the course?

Businesses play a huge role in the climate crisis. We hear net zero commitments from big businesses, but with SMEs making up 99% of businesses in the City it’s crucial that they come together to take action.

Doing business sustainably is vital for everyone’s future. Working towards net zero carbon emissions will become essential as larger businesses review their supply chains in favour of companies who can demonstrate their progress. The City of London Corporation has committed to achieving net zero carbon emissions across its investments and supply chain by 2040.

This is also really positive for your business. You’ll get more customers, attract brilliant employees, keep them for longer and win more contracts.

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How does it work?

We run this course online, across four modules: jargon busting and demystification, building the business case, measuring your carbon footprint and creating a net zero action plan.

It’s really flexible: you can learn where you want, when you want at your own pace – with the exception of a couple of live webinars in modules three and four. Depending on where you’re at with your net zero journey, you might not need to start at module one, but we’ll work that out with you. You’ll get access straight away to modules one and two, and join the next module three or four cohort, which is 3 May 2023.

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What's covered in each module?

1: Jargon busting & demystification

Net zero can be confusing, so you’ll learn what all the different terms around net zero and climate action mean.

You can start this at any point in the year, and it’s self-guided learning.

2: Building the business case

Some people find it hard to convince colleagues of the importance of reaching net zero, so we’ll help you build the business case for it.

You can start this at any point in the year, and it’s self-guided learning.

3: Measuring your carbon footprint

Measuring your carbon footprint and getting a baseline is important to reach net zero, so you’ll learn how to get this data.

There are three intakes a year for this module and you’ll come to online surgery sessions to learn.

4: Net zero action plan & next steps

To reach net zero, you’ll need a plan! So you’ll earn how to plan to reach net zero by 2040, and what your next steps are when you finish our course.

There are three intakes a year for this module and you’ll come to online surgery sessions to learn.

What's involved?

You’ll access our online learning platform which helps you learn easily and in your own way. We have video, audio and written resources there, as well as a community where you can chat to other people doing the course.
You’ll be able to talk to climate action experts and book meetings with our net zero programme manager to get personalised support on your net zero journey.
You’ll meet other SMEs on a similar journey, building up a great network for yourself
You’ll finish the course with a plan to get your business to net zero and your baseline carbon footprint measurement

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Apply for a place


If you’re an SME with a significant proportion of operations in the square mile, you can apply for a place on the course now. If you’re not based or operating in the City of London, you can still use our climate action toolkit to start your net zero journey.

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