A note from Sarah: Support your community

When companies join Heart of the City, tackling community issues is high on their agenda. From sponsoring colleagues to run a half-marathon to organising a charity bake-off, supporting community projects and charities is often the first step in developing a responsible business programme.

In 2018 95% of our year one members got involved with their local community, together they raised more than £409,000 and volunteered for more than 28,000 hours!

There is no one way to approach this – companies need to find causes and ways of supporting these causes that fit with their business – but there are practical tips we share with firms to help them to find their way:

  1. Find a common cause – Ask your colleagues and think about where your company can add most value. Identify a cause that fits who you are and what you do, local giving schemes can be a great place to start…
  2. Volunteer – Brokerage agencies like Team London can help you get started. If you’re keen to do group volunteering, then be prepared to pay for this (it takes some organising!) but do consider skilled volunteering – charities really appreciate your experience and perspective…
  3. Fundraise – in a way that works for you, from match-funding sponsorship to using one of the fantastic ranges of giving platforms. Our most recent HotC Highlight sets out a menu of fundraising ideas to get you started.

We know from the experience of our members that no matter how small your company you too can make a positive difference in your local community!

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