Getting started with responsible business


Hiver Beers is one of the 20 businesses we spoke to as we celebrate having supported 1,000 London businesses. The Southwark-based brewery is one of Heart of the City’s newest members, having joined at the start of 2002.

We spoke to Hannah Rhodes, Managing Director at Hiver Beers, at the start of year to find out why they joined Heart of the City and what they hope to do on their responsible business journey. Hiver Beers produces honey beer and focuses on British bees and beekeepers – so they already have great sourcing policies, but they wanted to do more. They became a Heart of the City member to learn more about responsible business and as a young, growing business they’re excited in their first year with us to focus on people and impact measurement. Watch the video below:

If you’d like to join Hiver Beers as a business doing well by doing good, join Heart of the City for 2021! Applications are open now

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