Getting Started with Volunteering

Your community

Will you offer your employees time to volunteer during paid working hours? Whether yes or no, you can still support them to give their time! We're sharing some options to consider:

Charity partnership

If you’ve identified a cause that you want to support, you might want to contact a few charities in that area and see how best you could support them.

You can use City Bridge Trust’s map to see their funded charities or go to WhatCharity to search by cause, location or type of help sought. It’s important to think and talk about what you both want from the partnership and manage expectations.

Group volunteering

You could encourage groups of employees to volunteer together as a team building exercise. You can approach this in three ways:

  1. Organise a charity partnership with volunteering options
  2. Use a paid for brokerage service that will take the admin burden for you. Some options our members use are Benefacto, Semble, Pilotlight, East End Community Foundation, Tower Hamlets Education Partnership and the BIG Alliance
  3. Link up with others! You might have clients or suppliers with developed volunteering programmes – why not see if you can join them?

Individual volunteering

Your employees are a varied group of people with different passions and ways they want to give. You can support them to volunteer individually by:


This was updated in May 2021 by Heart of the City