Employee diversity survey

Your people

This sample diversity survey will help you to obtain data from your teams, identify any trends and gaps and look strategically at fully diversifying your people

This survey is designed for you if you’re just getting started with looking at the diversity of your teams. You can go much deeper into the data you want to collect from employees but this is a good place to begin.

As you’re thinking about sending this survey, you’re probably already considering this, but before gathering data from your people there are some questions to ask yourself from a GDPR/legal perspective:

  • What’s the purpose for collecting the data?
  • Who will you be sharing it with and why?
  • Are you requesting adequate data, and is it relevant to the purpose?
  • How will the data be stored and for how long?

Most diversity questions are special category data under the GDPR (so require additional protection) and are also protected characteristics under the Equality Act. It’s important to including appropriate wording in the survey comms that covers these points.

As with all employee surveys, make sure outcomes and actions after the data has been collected are followed through and your teams see the impact of their contribution.

Check out this webinar from the Social Mobility Commission for more information on data for diversity and inclusion strategies.

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