“Since Wilson & Partners’ establishment 50 years ago, we’ve been working within construction and the built environment, delivering design consultancy services to a wide customer base. A focus on quality of service and embedded inclination towards sustainability has formed a core element of the business fabric from the start, but as a small business we have fought with limited resources and competing pressures that distracted efforts towards CSR initiatives. Towards the end of 2017, David Pullen (W&Ps Managing Partner) decided it was time to make a commitment to sustainability, even if the impact was only small, and as a result we joined the Heart of the City foundation programme in 2018.

From the first workshop session, we could see the benefits. For the first time, the ideas and renewed sense of pride had made delivering a CSR programme not only attainable, but also relevant to SMEs and microbusinesses such as ours. With the support of our membership manager, we were able to formulate an action plan that facilitated our first charity partnership with Generating Genius and the nomination of our in-house sustainability champions that promote our CSR goals both externally and internally.

As the year progressed, the HotC community helped us to grow in confidence and ambition with our responsible business programme and we were introduced to a host of new resources:  everything from strategy development to benchmarking and impact reporting!”

“The introduction to GivX as a benchmarking tool was one of great value to us, as it gave us an opportunity to see how we compared with other construction businesses as well as global businesses from other sectors. To our great surprise, we achieved a ranking of 6th in the SME category and were thrilled to have received such a level of recognition early on in our responsible business journey.

It’s without any doubt that it was the HotC team and our fellow members that helped to facilitate our achievements and it is with great excitement that we look towards 2019 and the impact we can make as a year two member of the HotC foundation programme

As our Sustainability in Communities Champion once said “small businesses don’t have to only do small things” and we look forward to a collaborative effort with other HotC members.”

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