Creating a place people want to work


Symmetrys is one of the 20 businesses we spoke to as we celebrate having supported 1,000 London businesses. The Haringey-based civil and structural engineers is has been a Heart of the City member since 2019.

We spoke to Chris Atkins, Managing Director at Symmetrys. He told us how the business supports the local community, particularly working with local schools to encourage girls to study maths, chemistry and physics, so Symmetrys can contribute to creative a more diverse workforce in the industry. Chris also talked to us about how they’ve worked to create a place where people are excited to work. From encouraging a healthy lifestyle through fitness initiatives and healthy food, to offering social activities, Symmetrys has done a great job in making the business a place people are excited to work for on a Monday morning!

If you’d like to join Symmetrys as a business doing well by doing good, join Heart of the City for 2021! Applications are open now

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