Supporting local communities


MicroStrategy is one of the 20 businesses we spoke to as we celebrate having supported 1,000 London businesses. This business intelligence company joined Heart of the City in 2019.

We spoke to Ian Dunn, VP International HR and Alexa Pernito, International Benefits Manager. They told us about joining Heart of the City in the same year they launched their responsible business programme, MicroStrategy Gives. Since launching, they’ve changed the way they look at employee wellbeing, moving from traditional corporate benefits to focusing on more fun and engaging ways of support. They’ve engaged people localy and globally, raising lots of money for charity along the way. Alexa also told us about her experience of being part of the Heart of the City community – it’s helped her feel supported and know that she can make an impact through her work by taking small steps initially. Watch the video below:

If you’d like to join MicroStrategy  as a business doing well by doing good, join Heart of the City for 2021! Applications are open now

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