Base Creative is a London based web design and online marketing agency which has designed  websites since  2003  for  a  variety  of clients.  In  2009,  the  company  joined  the  Heart  of  the  City  network  as  a
Contributor, providing peer -to- peer CSR expertise to companies newly setting up their responsible business strategies.

The Project


The Work With Us programme was launched in 2005 and provides a pro -bono digital marketing service for one London – based charity each year.

Base Creative decided to work with one charity per year to enable the charity to achieve as much as possible from the partner ship. Each project is managed in the same way as work for paying clients and is run and managed to Base Creative’s high standards.

All six members of staff are involved in the delivery of the project, both in terms of selection of charities and delivery of the final product. Base Creative donates over 200 hours per year to the project’s delivery and 70 hours in running the programme through the marketing and selection process. All of the six members of staff
are involved in the programme.

In 2008, the Brokerage Citylink, a charity that helps young people in inner -city boroughs gain jobs and work experience in the City, was selected to benefit from the programme. The service included a bespoke designed website, a built -in search engine optimised website, a content management system to allow updates to the website, a full email setup and training on managing the website.

Base Creative committed as much time as was necessary to ensure delivery of a quality service for the Brokerage Citylink. The company committed to completing an entire project with the Brokerage, which included an entirely new website and online creative strategy.

The Impact


The financial value of the project was estimated to be over £16,000. The average time spent on the new Brokerage website is now 14 minutes; previously it was less than two. The number of visitors to the website
per month has increased by 300 per cent. An online registration service has vastly reduced the number of hours spent on data entry by the Brokerage staff. Base Creative’s work has directly resulted in a larger volume of young people benefitting from the work of the Brokerage and being connected to opportunities into employment.

“ I can’t tell you what a difference it has made, being able to enthusiastically signpost people to the site,knowing how great it looks – especially having spent a least a year trying not to mention we had one. ”

Caroline Reeson, CEO, The Brokerage Citylink

The Work With Us programme is still in place today and instead of working with just one charity, Base Creative now works with many. Delivering numerous projects , enhancing the efficiency, reach and marketability of the work of various charities, Base Creative deliv ers nearly £25,000 worth of support each year. As a result Base Creative has contributed to the ability of charities to increase the delivery of their projects to the wider community.

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