Removing all single-use plastic by 2020: Sky’s commitment to the ocean

Heart of the City contributor Sky launched its Ocean Rescue campaign in 2017. Anna Ma, Inspirational Business Manager at Sky, tells us more about their commitment and the changes they’ve already made.

“Single-use plastics are the largest cause of ocean plastics pollution, an increasingly devastating problem for the health of our oceans and our people. We know at Sky we have the responsibility to do the right thing and help our customers and the communities they live in.

For over 30 years, Sky has been playing a big role in the lives of millions of homes. Given our reach, we strive to be both an inspirational and responsible business, as we believe that through our own behaviours, we can affect real change.

In January 2017 we launched Sky Ocean Rescue, to inspire simple, everyday changes and stop our oceans from drowning in plastic.

Our vision is to lead the way and inspire millions of people to stop using everyday single-use plastic. We’ll lead by example and remove all single-use plastic from our business and supply chain by 2020.

We’ve already made practical changes to the way we work so we can reach our goal. Sky Sports has changed the way water is provided for outdoor broadcasts which will save around 66,000 plastic bottles a year, and at the Oval 100th Test, 60% fewer bottles were sold compared with the year before. Similarly, Sky One production Revolution was single-use plastic water bottle free. 8,000 reusable bottles were distributed to audiences, crew and talent and bottled water wasn’t available to buy. We played Ocean Rescue content as part of the production to make the audience aware of the issue and get them thinking about their own plastic use.

Now is the time to turn off the single-use plastic tap, the pressure is on, business leaders need to step up and take action.”

We hope you’re feeling inspired to get started on reducing plastics where you work now! Here are some of Heart of the City’s tips for getting started:

  1. Get senior buy in: get your leadership team to care about environmental issues by showing them how you can easily make changes at work and highlight how the business will benefit.
  2. Complete a plastics audit: identify what single-use plastics are in your business and look at what you could find alternatives for.
  3. Commit to taking action: if you’re based in the City of London you can sign the Plastic Free City Pledge and get free resources to help.
  4. Engage your team: make your colleagues aware of your commitment and encourage them to get involved.
  5. Start making changes! Make the changes you identified in your plastics audit and keep data on it to inspire more people to take part.
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