Working from home sustainably: November HotC Highlight

Heart of the City | 25 November 2020 | News
Working from home sustainably: November HotC Highlight

Welcome to your November edition of the HotC Highlight! We’ve published a brand new resource on how you can work from home sustainably. 

The number of people working from home has increased a lot this year. Previously, we’ve supported our members with guidance on sustainability that focused on workplaces, but with home-working looking like a longer-term reality, businesses need to adapt the way they approach sustainability.

That’s why we’ve developed this resource on working from home sustainably. It’s full of tips to help you encourage your team to think about how they work through a sustainability lens. From measuring your carbon footprint to upgrading tech, we’ve got lots of ideas suitable for businesses of all sizes – and we’re sharing ideas on engaging employees in this so you can make working from home sustainably a success.

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