SURVIVE AND THRIVE: What it takes to be a successful brand

Heart of the City | 1 October 2020 | News
SURVIVE AND THRIVE: What it takes to be a successful brand

It’s been great to hear some good news stories from our members over the last few weeks, as well as understand how coronavirus has been a catalyst for positive changes. This week’s Survive and Thrive session looked at how to harness all of this to enhance your brand.

It was our second session focusing on communications, and we were pleased Tause Page, Founder of VP Comms, was able to join us again. VP Comms is a brand strategy and responsible business consultancy that helps business find their meaning and tell their story.

Tause walked us through talking about what, how and why of your brand, sharing how businesses should harness the why to create an authentic brand.

Successful brands clearly articulate their what, how, why criteria and use their why to inform how they do their what:

Be sure everyone in your networks know what you do:

  • Easy to understand
  • Clear and concise
  • Everyone in the company understands

Share how you do it:

  • Your differentiator or USP
  • What’s special about you?
  • What are your values?

Say why you do it:

  • Why do you exist?
  • What would the world miss if you ceased to exist?
  • What do you believe?

Keeping it fresh

We also discussed the importance of keeping your narrative fresh – it’s a good idea to revisit it every 12-24 months to check it’s still on point. Make sure you recognise changes to your business and the impact this might have on your brand narrative.

By overlaying changes in your business to your brand narrative (which could be company growth, industry changes or current challenges), you can be sure you’re still talking about yourself in an effective way and working with your purpose at the centre of everything.

Brand narrative

For those of us who haven’t worked with the idea of brand narrative before, Tause ran through four key areas to getting it right:

  • Create connection. Create empathy by sharing personal stories of how your brand has supported a person or business – use strong adjectives with a targeted audience.
  • What’s your origin? Why did the business launch and what are the passions of the business?
  • Get some perspective. Look at your narrative through the eyes of your audience and ask for feedback
  • Simplicity and consistency are key. Reinforce your story at every opportunity, use your values and challenge actions and decisions which don’t embody your values.

So be bold and share your pandemic experiences! How your business has changed and what that’s meant to your people – tell your stories which demonstrate your why. And keep a look out for examples of companies using their responsible business activities at the heart of their branding.

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