Survive and Thrive: Looking after wellbeing and managing anxiety at work

Heart of the City | 4 June 2020 | News
Survive and Thrive: Looking after wellbeing and managing anxiety at work

After the launch of our Survive and Thrive series last week, we continued the series with a session on mental health, wellbeing and anxiety.

We were joined by Jenn Barnett, a psychologist specialising  in mental health and Director of Inclusion, Diversity and Wellbeing at one of our ambassador companies Grant Thornton. Jenn  talked us through the brain’s response to stress and shared some coping mechanisms that can help you to handle stressful situations. Some Heart of the City members are preparing to re-open their workplaces soon, so Jenn also discussed managing anxiety around the process of returning to work for you and your teams.

We’ve shared our top five tips from the session:

  • Cut down your meetings by ten minutes so everyone can get more movement into their day.
  • Do ‘mountain breaths’ for one minute to reduce adrenaline and stress. Breathe in for four seconds, hold for two and breathe out for six.
  • Create a safe environment for open dialogues. Don’t jump straight into mental health conversations – start with topics that might be easier to talk about, such as your weekend plans. Sharing your personal mental health experiences can also help to make people feel more comfortable.
  • Have a sleep routine to get good, deep sleep, and put that phone down! Phones produce blue light that tricks your brain into thinking it’s morning, making it difficult to get to sleep.
  • ‘Moments that matter’ are important to employees – the times when your business has supported them will stick with them. Show people they’re valued by giving them what they need, such as letting them work flexible hours if they have caring responsibilities.

If you’re a Heart of the City member and couldn’t make the session, Jenn has kindly shared her slides with us, so get in touch with your membership manager if you’d like a copy.

Don’t miss out on our future Survive and Thrive webinar sessions! Heart of the City members can sign up to future sessions here, and you can join as an associate member of Heart of the City here.

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