SURVIVE AND THRIVE: Generating new business virtually

Heart of the City | 8 October 2020 | News
SURVIVE AND THRIVE: Generating new business virtually

This week we launched the Autumn series of our Survive and Thrive sessions which we’re collaborating with the Institute of Directors City. We were welcomed from our Co-President, the Rt. Hon. The Lord Mayor of the City of London, William Russell.

It’s more important than ever to keep our businesses thriving. With remote working being the norm, and being a way off from forums and corporate events, some businesses are needing to generate new business in different ways. Happily, there are still lots of opportunities.

We invited speakers from Heart of the City ambassador, law firm CMS, to talk generating new business. It was great to have New Business Manager Kesar Andrews and Head of Clients and New Business Geraint Evans sharing their expertise.

They talked about generating new business three sections: new contacts, existing clients and virtual networking. We’ve summarised Kesar and Geriant’s top tips for each.

Using a direct approach with new contacts

  • Target the businesses you want to work with by understanding their issues, challenges and opportunities. How can you differentiate yourselves to your target?
  • Think about what you can add to a business – can you add value to their business and address future challenges?
  • Before you get in touch with someone, understand the person you want to speak with. Look at their LinkedIn profile, check if you have shared connections and see where they’ve worked in the past. And search any publications they might have contributed to.
  • Keep an eye on the news for your targets. It’ll help you demonstrate your interest in them and spot any issues and opportunities for them.
  • When you do meet, tell a story! Make sure you have a compelling narrative that’s relevant to the individual and the business.

Generating new business with existing clients

  • It’s harder to maintain a long-distance relationship with a client. Remote working means you’ll need to break down the distance barrier. You can still make it seem like you’re just around the virtual corner by scheduling in regular catch ups with an agenda so it’s a productive use of everyone’s time.
  • In these relationships, you might need to play the long game. Build a personal relationship by understanding the person and offering goodwill gestures that don’t necessarily benefit you directly. Invite them to any online events you might be running.
  • Personalise your communications! If you’re sending a newly launched report, pick out a few sections that are relevant to the person, so it’s clear you’re thinking about their needs.

Virtual networking

  • You can still network successfully online – maximise tech to meet people!
  • You can easily get the information of speakers for online events. If somebody interests you, email them afterwards. Ask them questions, offer feedback – or just ask if you can schedule a chat.
  • Use webinars to your advantage – they’re a great way to get your name out there by participating and asking questions at online events.

Don’t miss our next Survive and Thrive session!

Join our next Survive and Thrive webinar on 14 October. We’ve teamed up with the Institute of Directors City for the Autumn series, and this session will cover maximising apprenticeship opportunities with speakers from The Opportunity Group and EY. Heart of the City members can sign up here.

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