October HotC Highlight: SDGs for SMEs

Heart of the City | 27 September 2019 | HotC Highlights
October HotC Highlight: SDGs for SMEs

This HotC Highlight has now returned to the members’ area.

For this month’s HotC Highlight we’re looking at how SMEs can use the SDGs to focus responsible business activities.

SMEs join Heart of the City when they’re in the early stages of thinking about how to conduct their businesses more responsibly and we love seeing them get started with community, environment and workplaces activities when they join us. But how do you take those activities and turn them into a great strategy to make sure your company is focusing on where it can have the most positive impact, or where the greatest opportunities to be a leader in responsible business lie?

Every year we hold a workshop on moving your responsible business programme to the next level, and last month we were joined by Debra Hay, CR Manager at Hogan Lovells. She introduced the SDGs and explained how as an SME you can use the SDG approach to frame your own responsible business strategy. We’ve put her tips together so you can start focusing your responsible business activities!


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