Meet our new Intern!

Heart of the City | 21 October 2019 | News
Meet our new Intern!

Leah Buckingham joined the Heart of the City team in September as our Responsible Business Intern. Leah recently graduated from the University of Sheffield where she studied Biology. We spoke to Leah to find out more about her and what she’s been doing at Heart of the City so far. 

What drew you to Heart of the City?

After working for a year in the investment management industry I became interested in responsible investment. And as The Heart of the City works with a well-established large and diverse network of businesses and experts, I knew it would be a great opportunity to learn what responsible business means for other industries. I also wanted to work for an organisation with large impact and had read great things about Heart of the City through member case studies.

What have you been getting involved in?

During my first week I joined the Heart of the City team at the members’ workshop  Developing Your Responsible Business Programme and helped with registration and taking notes. This was a great way to see exactly what the team does. After the event I wrote the October HotC Highlight which is a practical guide on how SMEs can align their business strategies to the UN Sustainability Development Goals. Since then I have attended several contributor meetings with our Stakeholder Manager Karina to help develop our industry expert network.

What are you looking forward to learning about while you’re working with us? 

  • Responsible business in general and the types of roles within responsible business
  • How SMEs are leading best practice in responsible business and what this means for different industries
  • Event organisation
  • Communications and marketing, specifically how to create an effective social media campaign

3 things about Leah:

  • In my spare time I buy art supplies in the hope  that I’ll use them
  • My biggest fear is horses
  • When I was growing up I planned to be a conservationist

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