Farewell to our Co-President, Governor Mark Carney

Heart of the City | 16 January 2020 | News
Farewell to our Co-President, Governor Mark Carney

In February 2020 Heart of the City bids farewell to one of its Co-Presidents, Governor Mark Carney. The Bank of England Governor will be standing down after six years as Co-President of the Council of the Heart of the City.

Since 2014 Governor Carney has championed the Bank’s impressive range of responsible business activities. These range from the celebration of diversity through the Bank’s vibrant staff networks, to its support for community projects. At our recent Council meeting he noted the positive impact these activities had on staff engagement and wellness across the Bank, which are above national averages.

Governor Carney has been a vocal supporter of the work of smaller businesses to have a positive impact on our society and our planet. His work on ensuring the financial system is resilient to climate-related risks and supports the transition to a zero net carbon economy has recently inspired Heart of the City to produce our own practical tip sheets for small business on green transport and on reducing environmental impact in shared office space.

Last year Governor Carney spoke at the launch of Heart of the City’s business plan and hosted the event at the Bank of England, with fifty invited guests. This marked a powerful start to our new strategy and a significant encouragement to all our business members. At his final council meeting in December 2019 Governor Carney once again expressed his support for Heart of the City’s work:

‘Heart of the City is helping to bring about real improvements for society by helping companies to take action on the environment, community and staff wellbeing. It has been an honour to serve as the charity’s Co-President and I look forward to seeing their tremendous work continue.’

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