Making virtual internships a success: July HotC Highlight

Heart of the City | 30 June 2020 | News
Making virtual internships a success: July HotC Highlight

Welcome to your July edition of the HotC Highlight! The summer holidays are approaching so we’re looking at how you can still run internships, even if you can’t be in your workplace. 

Many young people are struggling with getting work experience at the moment, so running a virtual internship is a great way for you to give tangible, real-life experiences to a young person.

We’ve just published a brand new resource, ‘making virtual internships a success‘. Lots of Heart of the City members aren’t back in their workplaces yet but we know that they want to keep offering ways for young people to get experience in their industries. That’s why we’re sharing these tips to help you get creative in your business and offer an internship that can be done virtually. From advice on making interns feel part of your team to using your technology to its best, it’s a great place to start!

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