Ambassador recommends: Louisa Minter-Kemp at Schroders

Heart of the City | 20 April 2020 | News
Ambassador recommends: Louisa Minter-Kemp at Schroders

Every month we like to share a recommendation from one of our ambassadors: something that inspires them in their responsible business work. This month we asked Louisa Minter-Kemp, Senior Corporate Responsibility Executive at Schroders to give us some of her recommendations on how to stay active, continue learning and do some research.

“My top podcast recommendation is Conduit Conversations, which brings together pioneers at the cutting-edge of social change. Every episode is a conversation with an exceptional person working to create a better future, in order to inspire us to do the same.

Continuing your learning and development is vital in staying up to date with trends and being at the forefront of particular agendas, so it’s a good idea to look into online courses. For sustainability, I’ve just enrolled in an online ‘Business Sustainability Management’ course at Cambridge University. It covers eight sustainability modules from communications and marketing to regulatory environment and international policy.

The last memorable talk I went to was ‘what can we do to change the narrative on youth knife crime?’, a panel discussion with Word on the Curb, Metropolitan Police and Milk and Honey, who are doing incredible things to challenge stereotypes, support communities bearing the brunt first hand and how we, as individuals and companies, can help this growing issue.

The best community related appeal I’ve seen since the COVID-19 outbreak is the #ViralKindness hashtag – following that on Twitter can put a smile on anyone’s face! Now that we’re on lockdown and volunteering outside of our homes is difficult, I think the letter writing appeals to patients in hospitals is a great way for people to help support those who are in hospital and now struggling with further isolation and depression. #ClapForCarers also felt like a proud and historic moment to be part of – our NHS staff are heroes.

I’m keeping active during isolation by doing The Class. It’s a transformative workout of the body and mind and their classes are streamed from their studio in New York.

My top book recommendations are The Salt Path by Raynor Winn and Educated by Tara Westover. Both memoirs will leave you feeling a total sense of admiration for the self-determination of these authors.”

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