In conversation with Sean Maywood from PwC

Heart of the City | 11 May 2022 | News
In conversation with Sean Maywood from PwC

‘It’s mental health awareness week this week. And the next week. And the next week.’

Mental health awareness week is a brilliant opportunity to reflect on your own mental health and the practices you have at work and in your teams. Today we’re sharing a conversation that can help you do that.

Louise Clifton, Stakeholder Manager here at Heart of the City, chatted to Sean Maywood, Mental Health Literacy Lead at one of our ambassador companies, PwC. Sean spoke about this year’s theme of loneliness, how hybrid working has affected that and what we can do about it. He also shares his top tips for looking after our own mental health.

As Sean says in this video, it’s mental health awareness week now, but it’s also next week, and the week after that. So while this week you might be really focusing on mental health, and encouraging your teams to look after their wellbeing at work, remember that checking in is always a good idea. So, come back to this conversation whenever you need to, and use our resource hub for more mental health and wellbeing resources.

Thanks to Sean for speaking to us. It’s a great watch (or listen, if you need to work at the same time!), so please do take the time.

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