In conversation with Praveen Gopalan on net zero

Heart of the City | 21 July 2022 | News
In conversation with Praveen Gopalan on net zero

To celebrate Net Zero Week at Heart of the City, we’ve published a brand new video for our In Conversation With series. Our stakeholder manager Louise spoke to Praveen Gopalan, sustainability and climate change manager at the law firm Herbert Smith Freehills. We asked him all things net zero: what it means for businesses, how to start, how to keep momentum going and how to collaborate.

This is a great watch or listen if you want to feel motivated to keep going with your net zero journey. Praveen give loads of advice for SMEs – and make sure to listen to the end where he shares a brilliant argument for why we shouldn’t waste food, and why that’s his biggest tip for individuals who want to take climate action.

Thanks so much to Praveen for speaking to us for Net Zero Week. We hope that once you’ve watched our chat with him, you’ll feel really inspired to take your net zero plans further – so don’t forget to take a look at our climate action toolkit and climate action course for City SMEs.

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