Heart of the City supports Black Lives Matter

Heart of the City team | 18 June 2020 | News
Heart of the City supports Black Lives Matter

The Heart of the City team, both personally and professionally, supports the Black Lives Matter movement.  As a responsible business charity, we celebrate the diversity of our members and embrace equality, diversity and inclusion. We’ll continue our work of encouraging good business by using our networks to learn, guide and develop.

What we’re doing now

Our team has personally been learning more on how we can be proactively anti-racist over the past few weeks. There are lots of organisations providing powerful resources on anti-racism and we’ll be sharing a list of resources that we’ve found useful soon. We think our members will find this from the Diversity Project on how your company can drive change particularly useful.

We’ve also been having conversations as a team and encourage our members to do the same. We don’t have all the answers, and neither will your business, but listening can go a long way. Taking a look at the way you work and having open conversations with your colleagues about their experiences is a good start for implementing change.

Long-term change

We want to encourage companies to tackle racism and increase inclusion through our programmes and resources.

Diversity and inclusion are a core part of our work supporting members to develop their areas of responsible business. We want to make sustainable progress in the resources we offer our members, and learn from our ambassadors so we can share this expertise. So we’re working on providing a comprehensive set of guidance to encourage SMEs to create inclusive workplaces, make progression possible and take a stand against racism. You’ll see them on our resource hub soon.

We also want to embed change in our organisation, and acknowledge that our team and governance should be ethnically diverse. Though our board has introduced new measures to increase the diversity of our trustees and council, we’re keen to do more. The past weeks have been instrumental in making us question why, and what we can actively do to change this to make sure people from all backgrounds feel welcome applying to work at Heart of the City and join our boards. We’re looking into how we can effect change in practice, and we know there’s no quick fix. That’s why we encourage our members and ambassadors to tell us what they’re doing so we can share ideas and make collective, ongoing change for inclusivity in responsible business.

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