Taking action as a small business during the Global Climate Strike

Heart of the City | 16 September 2019 | News
Taking action as a small business during the Global Climate Strike

You’ve probably seen Greta Thunberg in the news over the past year. Her Fridays for Future campaign encourages students across the world to join their school strike every Friday, asking governments to take more action around the climate crisis.

Fridays for Future is asking adults to join them on Friday 20 September for a global climate strike – In London it will be at Millbank. This is an opportunity to join in and call on the government to take the needed steps to tackle the climate crisis.

If you’re working in a small business, it’s not always easy to get out and take part, but here are some ways that you can demonstrate your support.

Join the strike

Lots of businesses are allowing their employees to join the strike. If yours isn’t, you could still take some time:

      • You could take annual leave and spend the day campaigning
      • Lunchbreak activism! Instead of a sandwich at your desk, join the strike in your break
      • Do you have any volunteering hours left? You could use a few to go and show your support
      • How about flexible hours? You could start work later to give you time to take part

Show solidarity

There are other ways you can be an ally to campaigners:

        • Organise a small action at work: you could ask your colleagues to join you in wearing a badge to show support
        • Be vocal on social media – Friends of the Earth has some good ideas, such as making a banner, taking a photo and sharing it online
        • Hold a lunch and learn session. You could invite somebody to come and talk, or hold a discussion on how the climate crisis is affecting your industry
        • Make a commitment as a business. This is a great time for you to formally commit to reducing the environmental impact of your business. You could start carbon offsetting, encourage your employees to walk more or set up a green team – there are lots more ideas on the Heart of the City members’ area

Strike online

If you need to be at work, you could go on a digital climate strike instead. There are resources online to help turn your website green, put banners on your website and share graphics on your social media!

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