Fooditude is partnering with OLIO to save food from landfill

Heart of the City | 18 July 2019 | News
Fooditude is partnering with OLIO to save food from landfill

Managing food waste has always been a monumental challenge for contract caterers. This year, year one Heart of the City member Fooditude embarked on a mission to tackle the food waste problem in their business. One of the solutions they’ve introduced is working with OLIO, a food surplus sharing platform. With OLIO’s help, they’re addressing unavoidable food waste at client sites; what was once thrown away is now being collected and redistributed.

At Fooditude, cooked food is delivered to client sites from central production kitchens and safely stored at the right temperatures. Meals are displayed buffet style and replenished as needed. As food is precooked, any last-minute fluctuation in the number of diners can lead to wastage. Unused food that has not been displayed on the food counters can be boxed up and marked ready for collection by OLIO Food Waste Hero (FWH) volunteers. OLIO users are informed of surplus to collect via the OLIO app, which makes the whole process run smoothly.

Fooditude’s Head of Operations, Alison Lloyd says: “Partnering with OLIO has been great from day one, the ease of rolling out the programme, the continued follow up with statistics and just great general support to the project.  I also love the fact that this is not only about saving food that would otherwise be wasted but also connecting with local communities.”

From December to May, Fooditude and their client have donated 962 portions of food, contributing to 458 meals, saving 192 kg of food going to waste. This means a CO2 savings of nearly 826 kgs. Over 95.5% of the food collected has been redistributed. Fooditude’s Managing Director, Dean Kennett, couldn’t be happier with these stats: “Of course we need to tackle food waste at the source, but for unavoidable surplus, working with OLIO has been a game-changer. We are totally behind OLIO’s mission and look forward to rolling out their service at other client sites.”

OLIO Co-Founder & CEO Tessa Clarke says: “For a long-time food waste has been an unavoidable by-product of contract catering. This not only has devastating environmental consequences but is also particularly upsetting given the quality of food that is going to waste! We’re therefore thrilled to have partnered with Fooditude who are really pioneering in this area, and ensuring that communities’ benefit from this delicious food, rather than the bin.”

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