July HotC Highlight: Communicating your activities

Heart of the City | 1 July 2019 | HotC Highlights
July HotC Highlight: Communicating your activities

This HotC Highlight has now returned to the members’ area.

For this month’s HotC Highlight we’re sharing a refreshed resource to help you talk about your responsible business programme internally and externally.

Familiar with that time old saying ‘the best-laid plans often go awry’? The same applies to your responsible business programme – putting in the groundwork to set up your programme and launch vibrant activities is noting if you don’t have a great communications plan to pair it with! Heart of the City members often ask us for tips on how to engage employees, keep momentum and start communicating about what your business is doing externally. To get you started, we’re sharing our tips on how to consider your audience, use your internal comms channels and think about some quick wins for your website.

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