A Note from Sarah: Amplify your impact with others

Heart of the City | 18 July 2019 | News
A Note from Sarah: Amplify your impact with others

Climate emergency, under-representation of women in the boardroom, increases in child poverty… Some of the issues that we try to tackle as responsible businesses are huge. They can feel overwhelming and it can seem like the difference we make as small businesses are too tiny to count.

This is where partnership comes in. Working with others helps amplify your impact, whether by through a charity partnership, with other businesses or even with government. Partnership is recognised as a crucial element of solving tough challenges in the UN’s Sustainable Development  Goal 17.

Last year the UK government published its civil society strategy, a call to action for government, local people, charities and businesses to collaborate to tackle social issues. At a more practical level new partnerships are emerging locally across London: London’s Giving groups brings together local charities, businesses, philanthropists and local communities to tackle issues; Young Peoples’ Foundations (in West London boroughs) bring together local young peoples’ non-profit clubs and groups with local businesses.

Some businesses are even coming together themselves to tackle the issues they care most about. A great example is the Hackney East partnership between East London Business Alliance, Hackney Council, Hackney charities, UBS, Linklaters and Société Générale. This project aims to improve the employability of people living in the borough.

Even here at Heart of the City we know that we’re too small on our own to make the difference we want to make. That’s why we strongly support the work of other organisations working with business and why it’s so important for us to bring together businesses large and small.

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