Ambassador recommends: Natalie Tucker from Fledge Consultancy

Heart of the City | 7 December 2020 | News
Ambassador recommends: Natalie Tucker from Fledge Consultancy

Every month we like to share a recommendation from one of our ambassadors: something that inspires them in their responsible business work. This month we asked Natalie Tucker, Consultant and Coach at Fledge Consultancy. Natalie is the founder of Fledge Consultancy, through which she supports small and start-up businesses to put social impact at the core of their work. Prior to this Natalie spent 12 years building her understanding of social change, working across the charity and private sectors. She also currently leads on impact management at the Social Tech Trust.

“Since the pandemic began impacting our lives, alongside its adverse effects I’ve been reflecting on what’s changing for the better. As we reach the end of the year, I wanted to share recommendations in relation to the trends I hope to see continue in 2021:

Mental health

Many businesses have rightly been thinking about how to support employees’ mental health. I tried out BetterSpace, an app that empowers people to understand and take control of their own wellbeing through personalised diagnostics and recommendations. For those interested in learning more about wellbeing in the workplace, BetterSpace are currently hosting a series of live discussions on the topic.


Offering engaging learning experiences is another great way to support and engage colleagues, and I had the opportunity to do some fantastic virtual coaching training with Circl. Circl participants develop valuable leadership skills alongside “future leaders” from diverse backgrounds. Although it’s primarily a training programme, it also has benefits for social impact and inclusivity. Learning and development colleagues may find Circl’s LinkedIn Coaching Community useful.


This year’s events pushed anti-racism promptly to the top of my learning list and I’ve particularly appreciated having a safe space in which to listen and learn about it, through Nova New Opportunities’ “Let’s Talk About Race” initiative. As well as these open events, the charity runs sessions within organisations, to enable colleagues to come together around what can feel like a difficult topic.

Responsible business

I’m sure the importance of responsible business during these times is not lost on Heart of the City members! For building understanding of issues that affect your teams or customers I highly recommend Three Hands’ Social Issues Spotlights – including last month’s on the ageing population. They also recently launched the Outside In Project – an interesting opportunity to learn alongside business peers in 2021.

Digital social action

I’ve been encouraged by the huge increase in digital social action this year, supported by some simple but impactful online tools – such as Matchable, which offers volunteering opportunities that combine making a difference with skills development, and G.APP17 which helps businesses and charities create strategic partnerships aimed at achieving the SDGs.

I hope you’ll agree that, despite the difficulties this year has brought, we’ve seen some great opportunities for responsible business. Here’s hoping that caring for employees and communities stay at the top of businesses’ agendas where they belong!”

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