A note from Sarah: What you do counts!

Heart of the City | 20 June 2019 | News
A note from Sarah: What you do counts!

Anyone who’s been through the Heart of the City foundation programme  will know how much we care about measuring what you do. From day one, we encourage our members to track what they’re doing and review how this compares with their overall aims. Of course, gains will be tiny at first, but setting up this baseline measurement is the vital first step in building a social, environmental or workplace programme that’s really effective.

How do you know if you’re making a (positive!) difference?

After all, if you can’t measure the difference you’re making how do you know how to improve your activities? How do you know where to concentrate your efforts?

Measuring your work’s impact is crucial to running more effective programmes, to demonstrate their value to senior sponsors, and it helps you communicate to colleagues the difference they’ve made.

Where to start?

Starting to measure what you do can seem overwhelming, even for large firms (in 2018 Corporate Citizenship noted that just 24% of companies provided comprehensive impact data). There’s an enormous choice of complex measurement systems available but for Heart of the City’s smaller businesses we recommend starting small and building up. The GivX community benchmarking tool and the Carbon Trust SME carbon calculator are both simple (and free!) ways to start doing this.

In June we co-ran a new event with New Philanthropy Capital – experts in impact measurement – at KPMG in Canary Wharf. The companies who joined us learned about the theory of change model and how to apply this to their own responsible business programmes. This was a unique opportunity for smaller businesses to explore developing their own impact pathways, which are tailored to their specific programmes and aims.

For advice and support about starting or developing your impact measurement take a look at our impact measurement resource, or talk to your Heart of the City account manager.

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