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Below is some guidance on what we need from you if you would like to:

Case study requirements

Case studies often feature on our website and in our newsletter.  It is a great way for our members to learn about a new area and to find out more about what you are doing.  Below is some of the information we need for a compelling case study.  Please note that case studies must feature one of our member businesses and should be between 250 – 600 words in length.

  1. What is unique about your case study?
  2. What do you expect others to learn from the case study?
  3. Please provide a brief overview of the partners involved?
  4. What happened/changed as a result of the activity/initiative?
  5. How was an informed decision taken on your activities?  What preparation was needed?
  6. How did you measure success?
  7. What was the role of Heart of the City (if any)?
  8. What stunning statistics can you share?
  9. What tips for success can you share with others?

You can view some of our previous case studies here

One-minute campaign requirements

The purpose of the one-minute campaign videos is not to promote an individual charity or service but to raise awareness about areas of need/emerging issues in London and in the UK.  The goal is education and inspiration so that businesses will take the next step to find out more.

Your one-minute campaign video should broadly have the below structure:

  1. Context (30 seconds): Why is this a key issue?
  2. Cause (20 seconds): What needs to change?
  3. Next steps (10 seconds): How can businesses find out more?

We will take videos in most formats.

Tool guidance

The HotC team would love to work with you to develop a useful tool for business use.  Examples of previous co-created tools include:

  • “Appraisal Questions on Volunteering” with CMS Cameron McKenna and Deutsche Bank
  • “Writing an Environmental Policy” with  London Community Resource Network
  • “Terms of Reference for a CSR Committee” with Partnerships UK and Rabobank

If you think you have expert knowledge in a particular area, please get in touch and let us know:

  1. What area your expertise is in (community, environment, responsible supply chain management, workplace ethics or responsible business strategy)
  2. What specific tool you would like to work with us on (e.g. sample volunteering policy, environmental audit questionnaire, etc)

We currently have over 100 tools in our online library for business, so please do be sure to check with us first if we already have the tool you have in mind. For 2016, we are looking to develop more tools in the area of:

  • apprenticeships,
  • mentoring,
  • monitoring & evaluation of diversity in the workplace
  • measuring responsible procurement activities
  • communication tips with suppliers
  • supplier stakeholder engagement

Newsletter submission

Heart of the City are happy to highlight charities which have opportunities available for businesses to get involved with or are running corporate events through our monthly newsletter. Our newsletters are circulated at the beginning of every month and are sent out to a wide-ranging audience.

Newsletter entries should include:

  • two short sentences explaining the opportunity or event and why businesses should get involved
  • an external link to refer our readers for further information

Get in touch

Once you have an idea of how you would like to work with us, please register your interest with us. Please indicate on the form, which area you would like to work with us on (case studies, one-minute campaign video, online tools, newsletter submission).

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