Exclusive Discount for HotC Graduates

thirdbridge would like to offer Heart of the City graduates a fantastic 25% reduction to use their software that helps companies engage their employees and tack their impact, taking their CSR programmes to the next level.

We asked Rick Benfield from thirdbridge how their software can support Heart of the City graduates.

What is thirdbridge?

It is easy to use software that can help you to start, track and report on doing good.  The thirdbridge network connects you with charities that are looking for support and the thirdbridge software helps you to engage your employees in all your CSR initiatives (including volunteering).  The reporting functionality helps you capture the impact of what you do across the organisation.  It also provides the top line figures that you can feed into benchmarking tools and CSR award submissions.

How can the thirdbridge software help?

There are three main ways the software can support a CSR programme:

    • Supporting charities: Are you looking for charities to support, or volunteer opportunities for your staff?

Our network of organisations list opportunities to do good, making it easy for you or your employees to find something to support.

    • Engaging employees: Are you looking for an easy way to raise awareness and get your employees involved in doing good?

Our software ensures your employees know what is going on, how they can get involved and then records what they do.

    • Reporting impact: Would you like to know if your efforts to do good have had a positive impact?

Our software helps you track and prove the value of doing good so you have a solid business case to do more.

How much does it cost?

The pricing is on a sliding scale making it affordable for small and large organisations.

Example pricing if you have 50 employees is £900* per year and if you have 150 employees it’s £2,700* per year.  (*25% discount applied).

Who are thirdbridge?

We are a social enterprise on a mission to help all business be a force for good.

What are the terms and conditions?

You must have completed Heart of the City’s Newcomers Programme within the last 24 months to qualify for the discount.  The discount applies for the first full year of subscription.

For more information please view the website (https://thirdbridge.co.uk) or contact the team at info@thirdbridge.co.uk

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