Surgery Session: Your Environment

This event is open to introduction and implementation year members

20 March
time 10:00
Surgery Session: Your Environment

This session is all about providing a dynamic forum so you can ask any environment-related question to our two experts, and the SME member network joining the session. This is YOUR opportunity to delve into any aspect of environmental sustainability that impacts your business!

Not sure of what to ask? Some examples could be….

  • How to embed sustainability in a business?
  • What are the benefits to focusing on sustainability?
  • How to bring people on board your environmental journey?
  • What else your business can do beyond carbon measurement?
  • Or anything else that you may want to discuss that is associated with ‘your environment’ work.

This session is designed to be informal and is driven by your needs and questions. There’s no set agenda – just a shared goal of enhancing our environmental practices. Join us to gain insights, share experiences, and find practical solutions that can help elevate your business’ environmental impact.

Surgery sessions are not recorded and will not be available on our learning platform.

Guest Speakers

  •  Louisa Ziane, Chief Operating Officer at Toast Brewing.

Louisa co-founded Toast Brewing (formerly Toast Ale), which tackles food waste by using surplus bread to make beer. She is the Chief Operating Officer, managing the company’s commitment to people, the planet and profit, and ensuring the brand is true to its purpose: to end food waste over a cheeky pint.
She has worked on climate change mitigation for 15 years, including as a consultant with Carbon Trust, and is a certified management accountant and B Corp Ambassador. She trained as a Climate Reality Leader with Al Gore in 2021 and has delivered guest lectures at City University, LSE, and Oxford Said Business School.

  • Supreet Dhindsa, Regional Environmental Manager EMEA, UBS.

Supreet is part of UBS’s in-house environmental management team, leading their environmental and energy management systems in EMEA.
Within her current role, Supreet covers alignment to ISO standards, circular economy, project sustainability initiatives and regional reporting initiatives.
She graduated as a Chemical Engineer and brings a wealth of experience from the Energy, Automotive and Construction industries.

Who should attend?

Our online Surgery sessions are exclusive to our Foundations for Responsible Business members. Surgeries provide a space to troubleshoot any business challenges, exchange innovative ideas, and refine your strategies with responsible business experts in areas such as sustainability, employee well-being, community involvement, and ethical business practices. We have three surgeries per year, on the Foundation for Responsible Business modules of ‘community, environment and people’. Join us to share, learn, and shape the future of responsible business together.

We aim to make our learning opportunities and workshops accessible to everyone; if there’s anything you need from us to access this event please let us know in advance.


Supreet Dhindsa
Regional Environmental Manager EMEA, UBS
Louisa Zane
COO, ToastAle

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