Your Community: Measuring Social Impact Workshop

This event is open to introduction and implementation year members

08 June
time 10:00
Your Community: Measuring Social Impact Workshop

Measuring social impact is often seen as ‘difficult’. How do you measure the difference you and your organisation have made with something which is often intangible?

Our workshop will guide you through some examples of how other businesses measure social impact and give you the chance to ask our experts questions.

We’ll share more details nearer the time.

This workshop is only for Foundations for Responsible Business members – if you ‘d like to come along, you can join the programme now. If you are already a member please book your place via the online learning platform.


Pip Marchant
10x Banking
Joanna Keefe
Kevin Fay
Business for Societal Impact
Rayan Chahin
Business for Societal Impact

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