Offsetting: communicating to avoid greenwashing

This event is open to introduction and implementation year members

27 September
time 12:00
Offsetting: communicating to avoid greenwashing

Join us for a lunch and learn focusing on offsetting including carbon removals and how to communicate your carbon reduction successes. We’ll be breaking down when to use offsetting, what it really is, the good the bad and the gold standard. We’ll then explore green marketing and how to share all the amazing work you’re doing but avoiding greenwashing.

What to expect

The number of businesses that have committed to a net zero target has nearly doubled in less than a year. Nearly all have included the use of offsets in their decarbonisation plans, but what is offsetting? And is it actually helping you to reach your net zero target, or is it opening you up to the risks of greenwashing and distrust from customers?

This will depend on what offset you use and how you share and communicate your journey.

James Cannings, Chief Sustainability Officer at MSQ and co-chair of the BIMA Sustainability Council, is joining us to explain everything you need to know about offsetting including carbon removals: what it is, the different types available, the benefits and what to avoid, and most importantly, when you should actually be using them. We’ll also give you some examples of good offsetting providers.

We’ll also share how your business can promote and communicate what you’re doing, and the skills you need to equip your teams with to avoid greenwashing. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with shouting about the good work you’re doing, in fact we encourage it! But it’s important that you’re transparent and share the right information to build trust and loyalty with your customers.

Who’s it for?

We do strongly encourage marketing teams to attend so you can effectively tell the story of your net zero journey without unintentionally greenwashing. However, everyone in your business is part of your net zero journey, so this online session is for everyone and anyone who’s looking to learn about the different types of offsetting, how to market you net zero agenda to avoid greenwashing, particularly for SMEs.

Whether you’re in a sustainability team, marketing team, a confused customer, or have a personal interest in net zero and greenwashing, there’s something for everyone.


James Cannings
Chief Sustainability Officer, MSQ

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