Introversion in the Workplace: Unleashing Your Quiet Power

This event is open to introduction and implementation year members

15 September
time 12:30
Introversion in the Workplace: Unleashing Your Quiet Power

Learn how to make yourself heard as a quieter leader in a hybrid working world, and build a successful career as an introvert, in this interactive session.

With many organisations now committed to office life for a few days a week at a time, today’s work-life balance is far from balanced as an introvert professional, especially when running your own business is factored in.

Branding consultant Richard Etienne will teach you helpful ways to build a strong personal brand as an introvert – from becoming more assertive and using online communication to your advantage, to getting over the fear of networking, virtual or otherwise. He’ll help you through strategic navigation of the virtual meeting room, as well as how to manage or engage with your team while working from home. You’ll also learn the art of using the internet to speak up about your accomplishments and how these skills can translate to building professional relationships.

We’ll cover:

How an individual can begin to define and build a personal brand, tackling self-promotion and developing the confidence to do this effectively and overcoming barriers and possible self-sabotage.

This session is for you if…

  • You manage a team and wish to identify with and develop introverts
  • You consider yourself introverted
  • The idea of a self-promotion horrifies you
  • You want to become bolder in your professional life


Richard Etienne
Branding consultant

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