Net Zero: Everything you Need to Know About Electric Vehicles

This event is open to introduction and implementation year members

23 May
time 12:00
Net Zero: Everything you Need to Know About Electric Vehicles

Join us for a lunch and learn on everything you need to know about electric vehicles (EVs)! We’ll be looking at the difference between electric and conventional vehicles, the possible cost and emissions savings for your business, and we’ll hear about the experiences of a few SMEs who’ve already made the switch.

What to expect

Electric vehicles can play a huge part in businesses decarbonisation strategies to reach net zero, but it’s important to have all the information you need so that you can make the best decisions for your business.

Ricardo Energy & Environment, on behalf of UK Power Networks, will explore upcoming trends in the EV market, and examine the opportunities EVs can provide compared to petrol and diesel vehicles for business use.

We’ll also be sharing some useful links with key information about purchasing EVs, and look at the various charger options available to you and your business to help you plan ahead.

Lastly, we’ll share key findings from the research Ricardo Energy & Environment have been carrying out to understand more about SMEs and their transition to electric vehicles, including key trends and what the process of getting an EV looks like. They’ll also be a chance to share your questions and comments a During an online poll and question and answer session at the end.

Who’s it for?

This online session is for anyone who’s looking to learn about, thinking of, or is in the process of, switching from a conventional vehicle to electric, particularly for business use.

You might be interested in learning more about EVs and the benefits they could provide, including how they can help you reduce your costs and emissions. You could be looking to hear about the experience other SMEs have had transitioning to EVs, or looking to hear about accessible, reliable sources of information on EVs and charge points. Whether you have a fleet of vehicles, or are just looking to get one electric vehicle, there’s something for everyone.




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