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This is Me aims to change attitudes towards mental health in the workplace by reducing the stigma, dispelling the myths and raising awareness to improve employee wellbeing. Katie Yates tells us more: 

At The Lord Mayor’s Appeal, we are committed to harnessing the convening power of the Lord Mayor of the City of London as a force for good. Our This is Me campaign aims to help create inclusive workplace cultures so that employees have the confidence to recognise and seek support when they need it and it does this by providing employers with the tools to normalise the conversation around mental health.

The pioneering campaign encourages organisations to share their employees’ lived experiences about mental health through blogs, video or other medium, a concept initiated by Barclays. Our evidence proves that storytelling is one of the most powerful tools for behaviour change, with organisations that are sharing stories making accelerated progress against recognised measures of mental health.

Beyond the measurable success, we know that the stories shared, be it of personal experiences or of supporting a loved one, touch most people in some way. We know that one in four people will experience a mental health problem at any given time, but every one of us is affected by mental health in some way, so we were thrilled to hear that, according to one of our participating organisations, This is Me was ‘one of the most impactful diversity and inclusion campaigns’ that they have run.

Chris shared her story for us.

This is Me has grown substantially and the campaign now has over 500 organisations involved, of which 150 are actively sharing their stories, reaching over one million employees. 2018 saw the launch of This is Me North West and This is Me Scotland with other regions, including This is Me West Midlands, launching in early 2019. Our ambition in 2019 and beyond is to continue this growth nationwide.

Wherever you’re based, you can get involved in our This is Me campaign by registering your organisation online and #endthestigma around mental health.

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