A note from Sarah: Reducing the impact of business on the environment

It seems like only yesterday we were shrugging our shoulders and saying “what can I do?” about environmental damage. Today the problems are no less challenging, in fact they grow greater every week, but something in the public conversation about the environment has changed.

Maybe it’s Greta Thunberg standing up and saying the unsayable at Davos, maybe it’s the impact of Blue Planet II,  maybe we’re now making the connection between air pollution levels in London and our asthma-suffering friends and family. It’s probably a combination of all those things, but today more of us are looking for what we can do to reduce our impact on the environment.

And that goes for businesses too: the pressure comes from customers, investors, staff and sometimes from founders too.

Heart of the City members are keen to take on this challenge and so the team here has been busy compiling practical actions they can take. This month we shared our fabulous air quality resource for free – two pages crammed full of tips. And members can enjoy a clutch of new resources aimed at small companies including ones on green transport and how to ‘green’ a serviced office.

Some of my favourite tips from our recent resources include using bike couriers, promoting remote working (to reduce those commuter journeys), encouraging cycling to work and consolidating your suppliers, so there are fewer delivery journeys to your offices.

Across London there are lots of local support organisations to help businesses assess how they’re doing environmentally and to help them take steps to improve their performance. But don’t forget the fantastic small business carbon footprint calculator from the Carbon Trust – a great place to start your work!

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