Where is the social in business?

Over 100 business leaders gathered at Mansion House on Friday 27th March 2015 to celebrate 15 years of Heart of the City and take part in an energising conversation on ‘how to put social at the heart of their companies’.

B Corp UK is Launching This September!

B Corporations are emerging as a global movement committed to redefining success in business. They represent a growing number of businesses .

Towards a Responsible Business Community: New Approaches for Small Businesses - A consultation

In celebration of our fifteenth anniversary, Heart of the City has undertaken research into motivations for business engagement in CSR and the impact that we have on our members’ programmes.

Stakeholder engagement: lessons learnt from small and a large business perspective

In this interview, Kathryn Hull, CR Manager at Holman Fenwick Willan LLP (900 employees) and Gemma Reilly, Office Manager at 4Ps Marketing (60 employees) talk about their CSR journey.

Blurred lines - people, planet, profit

Let me ask you a question: if your firm were a person, what would you think of her or him?Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) reflects the personality and human face of your organisation.

Contributors' CSR Programmes 2014

Based on a survey of 50 Contributor businesses, this report reveals the current trend in programmes and activities across the four key areas of CSR.